About Us

About Wakeup Entertainment

Being in the Production industry for a period of more than 8 years and under the aegis of our parent company, WAKEUP ENTERTAINMENT , we have been fortunate to garner immense reputation and goodwill. Possessing various production facilities in various cities across India have enabled us to learn and evolve into the production facility we are today. Our business is founded on the highest standards of integrity and ethics which influence our decision making and interactions with customers, vendors, suppliers, employees and everyone else we have had the good fortune of being associated with.

It is our strong believe that ‘you are only as good as your team’ and therefore we place paramount importance to the building, retention and the constant honing of their skills which has always given us an edge over our competition. Moreover as a corporate entity we strive to create an environment that fosters excellence, encourages innovation and creation and motivates our team to contribute, learn and grow with us,

We are a company which believes to find and strike that unique balance in generating finances and preserving the integrity and ethics with which, the company was incorporated. It is difficult to keep everybody happy but we make constant efforts to ensure that we make constant progress towards it and we can proudly say that we have been able to achieve it to a large extent.

We here at Wakeup Entertainment’ strive to utilize the latest digital technologies innovated and provided by the leading brands to deliver a surreal experience to the ear buds and pupils of our customers. We possess at our disposal a professional, experienced and talented team who have the will and capability to deliver consistent quality. It is always our endeavor to innovate, experiment and expertise various ways of recording, mixing, mastering in order to always challenge ourselves regularly.

We at ‘Wakeup Entertainment’ are equipped to provide our clients with industry leading visual production as we have previously provided to our clients. Editing, VFX, Color correction, Color grading are just a few of the tools in the armory of our vastly experienced and enormously gifted Video –Post Production Team.

We are of the opinion that conceptualization shall be realized in an enhanced form than the way conceptualized and all of our efforts are made towards achieving the objective. As a company our foremost objective has been to provide preeminent services to our client at competitive rates and provide them with our state of the art equipment and superlative technical know-how.