What We Do Best

The Wakeup Entertainment had initially commenced operations with a limited scope as a production house but we have grown over a period of time and presently provide every service in the book and more.


Sound Design is an artistic component of production. It requires a lot of vision and capability to be able to hypothesize before implementing it for our client. Our constant brain storming sessions and immense exposure provided to our team to visualize every detail of audio – film designing. Our film designing work has been widely appreciated by a large audience across demographics. We provide a complete solution to film background designing, including dialogue, folly, SFX, background, music and we perennially attempt to provide unique and out of the box sound to provide fresh impetus to our listeners and clients.


Advertisements are public communications of a corporate to its customers and that needs to be perfect, effective and attractive. Our ad-films are precisely that. From Pre- Production Stage to Post Production we put our attention to the minutest of details in order to effectively communicate our client’s message to its customers in the most effective was possible.


A Corporate Is required to create awareness among its customers of its presence in the market. We specialize in doing so in the most crisp, artistic and presentable was possible.


Short Films have created a niche of their own. Story telling in the paucity of time is its specialty. Short films have thrown extreme challenges to our team whenever we have had the opportunity to be involved in one. But that is what we thrive upon, challenges.


In this age of information explosion documentaries play a very pivotal role in order to inform, attack a perspective, persuade, educate, entertain and to observe real life. The sheer objective of a documentary film has always excited us to undertake the same with utmost importance and honesty.


OTT platforms are here to stay and probably will be the future in regard to entertainment. Web Series are trending with multiple concepts flowing in all the time. Production of a web series is hectic due to the tight schedules and tighter deadlines but the satisfaction after delivering a production related to a web – series is surreal.


Who doesn’t like to watch mesmerizing visuals coupled with pitch perfect audio, everyone. We like it too and we love to create it. Having created numerous music videos across various languages we provide assistance for it from the inception of the idea till the delivery of the concluding product, after which we are ready to create another.


Creating customized music across all genres for professional dancers to express themselves and capturing the intricate moments while shooting the moves is also one of our fortes. We are always intrigued by all the moves and the art performed by these gifted artists and put in our best to amplify their efforts.


Numerous artists all over the world have risen to fame through the production of Audio Singles and respective albums. An audio single or an album is very close to the emotions of an artist and we provide utmost respect to the emotion and utmost care to ensure precision in our work so as to ensure the launch of the artist to the world of fame, success and recognition.


Mixing is like creating a recipe, take the ingredients of the various tracks of voice and music together and blend them together in perfect harmony using process like EQ, Compressor and Reverb. It’s a treat to hear a mixed file after the same has been recorded and we are fortunate and we hear it every day. With an experienced team with more than a century of projects over the timeline of our existence, we still thrive for that perfect recipe each time and every time.

Mastering whereas is like garnishing, the final touches here and there to make the perfect dish. Being the final step of Audio Post Production, we balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats.



Having dubbed religious discourses, commercials, films, educational videos and a lot more, we realize that patience and perseverance are the key to provide perfect dubs to our varied clients, which is what we always intend to achieve. Voice overs are extremely enjoyable for us and we share a lot of light moments even with our voice over artists while accomplishing the work.


We realize that Jingles are a form of Sound Branding and it is of paramount importance to our customers and therefore we take extra care and precaution to always provide the best to our clients.


Along with recording sound and music, the flavor of live sound is a different experience altogether. Live events have always been a treat to watch and organize for us. Having been involved in a variety of music concerts and events in various capacities, we have evolved in terms of organizing and also providing and recording live sound. In addition to various events which we organize on a yearly basis, we intend to organize a music festival for all the lovers of the outdoors and the music connoisseurs.